Stated Income Commercial Mortgage Loans

The advantages of stated income commercial mortgage loans for real estate investors and business owners.

As banks have made it increasingly difficult to purchase or refinance commercial and residential investment property, investors have been turning to stated income commercial mortgage loans as an alternative.

One such advantage of using this type of financing is the speed of the transaction. These type of loans can generally be closed in two to three weeks. The reason for this is because of another advantage: limited paperwork is required. No tax returns are required. That’s perfect for business owners who write off most of their income.

Another advantage of stated income commercial mortgage loans is qualifying. A bank may require a FICO score of over 700 for a conventional loan. Most stated income loans only require a minimum score of 650. In some cases a lower score may be acceptable depending on the strength of the file. Terms can also be from 3 to 10 years ( with a 30 year amortization). This allows  investors some flexibility whatever their intentions for the property may be.

These stated income commercial mortgage loans can be used to purchase or refinance one to four family residential investment property or commercial properties such as 5+ unit multi family, office, retail, mixed use, warehouse, and self storage to name a few.

Loan to values can be up to 80% depending on type of transaction, credit score, and property type.

For more information on stated income commercial mortgage loans contact RSA Funding at 855-475-FUND(3863).


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